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Transpersonal Psychology (TP) is a branch of psychology that not only explores the mind-body connection of more traditional forms of psychological study, but also the spiritual and transcendent dimensions of human experience. Exploring the realm of human potential is fundamental to TP, with many diverse insights and practices incorporated into this area of study.

Working with various disciplines as well as the world’s wisdom traditions, Transpersonal Psychology explores the innate and often untapped sources of wisdom contained within the individual. It approaches this from a holistic perspective, striving for balance between intellectual, physical, emotional, spiritual, creative and social aspects of the self.

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Applying it to Practice

ist1_4046922-spirals-on-sand-6.jpgTranspersonal Psychology informs all areas of my practice, providing me with an expansive and diverse foundation for exploring and working with the barriers that prevent one from living the life that they desire. Working with the energy discipline of Reiki, as well as the consciousness raising practices of Transformational Coaching, Hakomi, Shadow Work, and ritual, the individual is brought to know themselves more consciously - to see beyond the limitations of the personality and to discover their own inherent source of truth, wisdom and guidance.

Areas of exploration may include:

  • Ingrained and habitual ways of being that leave one feeling stuck and unfulfilled
  • The limiting nature of our unconscious beliefs and fears
  • The nature of our hidden, denied, or forgotten traits (shadow)
  • Energetic imbalances that impact how we experience the world and ourselves
  • Unexplained yearnings for a deeper connection with ourselves, others, and/or spirit
  • Understanding the lessons embedded in both difficult and joyous life events
  • The creation of rituals designed to honour life transitions and healing journeys

Each session focuses on issues that are specific to the individual. Sessions draw upon a unique blend of transpersonal practices that best suit the situation, the issue at hand, and the needs of the client.

More Information

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"Each day we are born again. What we do today is what matters most."

- Buddha

"[Denise] has a unique gift and a talent for tapping into information stored inside. With her help I have started to awaken my true self and the truths about myself that alone I am not sure I could have reached."

- Tina C