Press Release

by IN-SIGHT Consulting 17. August 2018 17:21

A consciousness raising event
Workshop Series: Introduction to Energy Dynamics and Practices

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, August 2018.pdf (72.83 kb)

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IN-SIGHT Consulting is back!

by IN-SIGHT Consulting 5. August 2018 12:48

After spending a few years exploring some new "terrain", I am returning to my Holistic Practice and the healing work that I believe is so vital for navigating the challenges of this one precious life. The timing feels right; especially given the quickening pace that has infiltrated day to day life. Add to this, the deluge of disasters and ongoing threats to our collective well-being, and feelings of stress and anxiety are not surprising.

One thing that we can each do to address this tension, is to develop awareness regarding how we “show up” in life. This includes becoming mindful of the choices that we make in each moment. To achieve this, we need to slow down; we need to quiet our inner world; and we need to develop insight and wisdom regarding what is worth pursuing and what requires release. Holding on too tightly has its costs…physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being are some pricey items on the list. Relational and planetary devastation are other high-impact realities...recent heat waves, fires, and other climate disasters make this point crystal clear.

It’s time for a course correction. What does that mean for you? How will you make the shift to greater awareness and the creation of a level of kindness that contributes meaningfully to the well-being of each other and this planet?

In pursuit of healing and awareness cultivation:
IN-SIGHT Consulting continues to offer Transformational Coaching and Reiki services. Additional skills being added to the mix are Hakomi techniques and bio-psycho-spiritual education. Select Celebrant services are also available. For details on the services provided, visit

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Press Release

by IN-SIGHT Consulting 11. May 2013 16:02

Transforming the rest of life into the best of life: Reclaiming the second half of our lives through ceremonies that honor aging

Denise Neumann-Fuhr, Press Release.docx (36.55 kb)


A time of transition

by IN-SIGHT Consulting 8. May 2013 10:09

 A fork in the road is emerging, and with it a choicepoint appears once more. Do I stay where I find myself, comfortable but uneasy? Or do I venture down an unknown path where soul stirring potential lays in wait? This is not an unfamiliar place for is the unknown. It both excites and frightens me. To enter into the unknwon is to risk  the comfort and security of all that I know for the possibility of all that might be - all that I feel moved to explore. Like a butterfly drawn to the light, I too feel drawn to the light of something deeply soul-stirring that is of yet, imperceptible to my eyes. It tugs at the strings of a deep yearining that I have yet to define and it leaves me in the throws of a dilemma. 

Interestingly, this happens it seems, in cyclical pattterns in my life. In my younger years, it was faster paced. Every four years I felt stirred to explore a new path and with it the growth that I required - both at a personal and professional level. As I age,12 year increments seem to define my experience. The pattern though is clear and poignantly challenging as I find myself at the start of yet another new cycle and the familiar sense of dis-ease that marks its arrival.

As I contemplate this, and consider where this path may lead me, I am keenly aware of the joy that emerges through service and through kind attention to the suffering of others - to creatures great and small. To provide another with comfort, with compassion, with understanding, is deeply rewarding and a mark of the generativity that defines the middle-aged+ years of adulthood. This is a piece of the answer that I seek (I know) and yet, there is more still that is required to complete the picture that is taking form on life's canvas. What a wonderful piece though, for is it not exactly what we need today in a world where compassion and kindness seems often in short supply...

To this end, I share with you today, the next phase of my work on the journey of conscious aging. This June, I will be delivering a three-part seminar series on "Exploring the Way of the Crone Through Ceremony" for the Celebrant Foundation and Institute of New Jersey. The attached Press Release entitled  "Transforming the rest of life into the best of life" speaks to this emerging need as so many of the world's population enters a growing demographic of older persons. Perhaps this will be a part of the path that is making itself known to me now...perhaps.

Denise Neumann-Fuhr, Press Release.docx (36.55 kb)



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Embracing all of who you are

by IN-SIGHT Consulting 24. February 2013 15:54

I like what this article has to say about self-acceptance and in particular, about embracing all of you we are...enjoy the read.

When you exhibit positive and negative qualities, you are not flawed; you are complete...When you are comfortable with both your strengths and weaknesses, you radiate simple, unaffected humanity...

Read more:


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Rules to Remember

by IN-SIGHT Consulting 6. January 2013 15:46

It was some time ago, that a friend and fellow coach shared this wisdom with me - delivered to her via another wise soul. I am sending it along with the hopes that it will remind and inspire us all to be mindful in our thoughts, our words, and our deeds. In this way, we empower ourselves to create the kind of life that is meaningful and aligned with our highest and best good.


  • Focus of attention includes identifying what stands in the way of progression and inner fulfillment.
  • In all cases, use past reference points and current challenges as a means of clarifying what works and what doesn't.
  • Hold out for what has real meaning and is right and proper for you. Stay alert, and take in the things that resonate with you.
  • Pay attention to what you attract. Apply the concept of the law of attraction to establish a deeper understanding of who you are and  what you are putting out.
  • Establish goals that are truly related to the core self.
  • Find the balance of attention to your inner life, personal relationships, and responsibility to your job, career or aspirations in order to actualize your potential to make a difference in the world, while enjoying the challenges that make use of your innate talents and skills.
  • Empower yourself when confronted with difficult relationships that are not going to go away. Positive outcomes will emerge if you have the courage to take a stand.
  • Thoughts are very powerful and indeed create the reality you are experiencing. Use all thoughts wisely.
  • Be conscious of what you have created and what you are now creating. Bring in the mental discipline necessary to think in affirmations, seeing solutions, thinking outside the box and including the wisdom present in your heart as the primary source for guidance.


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2012: My 50th year in reflection

by IN-SIGHT Consulting 25. December 2012 15:41

On this Christmas Day, I offer a wish for health, healing, and a life of love for all my readers and those who aspire to a life of enhanced meaning, compassion and joy. Blessings to all.

December 2012 Newsletter.pdf (146.63 kb)

Enjoy my last Newsletter for 2012.



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Fleeting time and long-lost friends

by IN-SIGHT Consulting 16. December 2012 20:06

Today I reconnected with a friend I have not been in contact with for 30 years…30 years seems such a long time in print and yet, in reality it is no more than the blink of an eye once lived. For when at last I heard his voice, I was at once transported back to a time of my youth where my career was still being formed and I was just emerging into adulthood. His voice had not changed – not one bit. I was surprised by that and curious about the sudden and unexpected reconnection. The former boyfriend of my roommate in university, my friend began with a birthday wish and moved into a sharing about recent and painful life events.  I understood his pain, but more than that, I understood how to “grow through it” for it is life’s challenges that push our edges and help us to grow into the greatest version of ourselves. This is, I believe, a truth that can only be understood through the years of living with change and challenge. I had not understood this when I first knew my friend. I know it now. And so, it becomes, for me a reminder of the value of my years and the understanding that they alone, have helped me to find value in the painful events of life. Hopefully, my friend will come to a similar appreciation.  



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“Observing differently”

by IN-SIGHT Consulting 9. December 2012 20:56

I read this title in a newsletter recently, and it moved me to write about my recent experiences as a nursing instructor.  I am grateful for the impetus that this title has spawned for writing is something I have been unable to do in recent weeks due largely to work demands. Work – the paid employment I engage in outside of my Coaching Practice – has been all-consuming for the past 6 weeks but so too, has it been inspirational. As I worked diligently at coaching and guiding nursing students through their practice experiences, I found myself gently and calmly observing their behaviour, their growth, and their own unique blossoming into the professionals they will soon become. But it is HOW I observed that is different for me now. As a woman of growing emotional, intellectual, and spiritual maturity, I find in my way of being, a more forgiving and nurturing way of teaching. I am less punitive now than I had likely been when I first began. I believe this is a reflection of my own growth over the years and so, I savour this experience for what it represents – years of effort to know and understand myself more fully. In so doing, I too blossom as a professional as I work to I usher into practice, a new generation of nurses.

In my mid-life years, I “observe differently” now. As a result, I hope that I am cultivating the best in my students – helping them to reach for the stars as they learn to tap into the best of who they are while helping them to become compassionate caregivers.


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Quotes to reflect on...

by IN-SIGHT Consulting 28. October 2012 21:01

"Events shape us; our choices define us"


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